Griffiths One Name Study
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This page was last modified on Nov 6, 2000

This search page will permit you to search the Leitrim-Roscommon Griffiths database and get a count of your surname of interest by Civil Parish. This will provide you with a distribution of where your surname is showing up in drop down menu of selectable counties.

Additionally, you can elect to screen this search by selecting only those Griffiths entries where the land occupier is shown in the "Description" column as having a house. This will eliminate the many entries in the Griffiths database where the same occupier is listed as being an occupier of land without a house.

Because of the nature of this search routine, you MUST spell the name correctly and completely. Additionally, the first letter must be capitalized (upper case), and the remaining letters must not be capitalized (lower case).

Use "House" as a screen: