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Last updated on November 3, 1997

The following guidelines have been established and will be used for all forms of data entry into the Leitrim-Roscommon Griffiths data base.
Regardless of the application that is used for doing the data entry, the data should NOT be sorted and should be left in the original order that it appears in the original Griffiths data sheets.
This is important because of the data cross checking that must be done later as a quality check on the entered data.
The first letter of the surname and given name should be in upper case, and the remaining letters should be in lower case. This rule should be followed for the name of the Immediate Lessors as well.
When a surname is followed with "jun." or "sr.", the original data sheet will have a comma between the surname and the ranking indicator. This comma should be replaced with a single space.
When off-line data entry is being used in a spread sheet or data base application, fields for the data should be set up in the following order:

Field #1  : Griffiths Map reference (numbers & letters) from 
            left column of Griffiths sheet. 
Field #2  : Occupiers surname (this field would contain "jun."
            or "sr." when used)
Field #3  : Occupiers given name (this field would contain titles
            such as "Rev." when used)
Field #4  : County (at present this will be either Roscommon
            or Leitrim)
Field #5  : Parish (usually found at the very top of the data
Field #6  : Townland (will be found as the heading of a new
            list of names in the Occupiers column)
Field #7  : Immediate Lessor
Field #8  : Description of Tenement
Field #9  : Area (acres)
Field #10 : Area (roods)  (4 roods = 1 acre)
Field #11 : Area (perches)  (40 perches = 1 rood)
Field #12 : Land Valuation (Pounds)
Field #13 : Land Valuation (Shillings)  (20 Shillings = 1 Pound)
Field #14 : Building Valuation (Pounds)
Field #15 : Building Valuation (Shillings)
Field #16 : Total Valuation (Pounds)
Field #17 : Total Valuation (Shillings)

For fields 9 through 17, zeros should be entered for any field that is blank in the Griffiths Record.

After entering 3000 records into the data base it was found that the "Pence" column is always zero, so in the interest of saving computer space and fingers, we have eliminated these three columns.

For the description of the Tenement, these entries have mostly been broken down to 2 and 3 letter codes that are explained on the main page for the L-R Griffiths DB.
If a code is not present then the word may be typed out as spelled in the original Griffiths data sheet.
The convention of using upper case for the first letter of this column has been established for the original data entry, however this is not a requirement and would not require editing if lower case were used.
There should be NO punctuation used in this column and the word "and" or "&" should be left out when ever it is used in the original data sheet.
(example: House, office, & land = Ho off ld)
At the end of each townland there is a grand total for all columns. This information is not to be entered.

When a group of Occupiers are listed together with a brace around their names a special identification will be applied to each individual entry in the Tenement Description column. If a listing of 6 names were grouped together with a brace, at the end of the description codes the following entry would be made : (w/5 o) This indicates that this entry was grouped with 5 others. In almost all cases the data sheet will list the Area just one time but show the valuation for each one individually. When this information is entered into the data base, the area data will be repeated for each individual in the grouping.
See the following example:

This would be entered in the following manner.

Patrick QuinnReps. Daniel H. FarrellHo ld (including bog)(w/3 o)210535010315
John FreyneReps. Daniel H. FarrellHo ld (including bog)(w/3 o)210535010315
John DuignanReps. Daniel H. FarrellLd (including bog)(w/3 o)2105010  010
James QuinnReps. Daniel H. FarrellHo ld (including bog)(w/3 o)210501005015

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