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Is There More in Griffith's Valuation Than Just Names

By James R. Reilly, CGRS

The Leitrim-Roscommon Genealogy Site has always focused on providing data resources, and left the task of providing educational material to the many other excellent sites that are available to the research community through the World Wide Web. This page will be one of the exceptions to that focus.

I recently was made aware of an article written by James R. Reilly, CGRS and published in the Journal of The Irish At Home and Abroad. The article was titled "Is There More in Griffith's Valuation Than Just Names". I have read the article many times and have referred back to it on numerous occassions for a refresher on what the Griffiths Valuation really contains.

I felt that it would be a great assist to the many researchers that use the Leitrim-Roscommon Griffiths Database, if they had access to this very informative article, and could learn from it as I have. I wrote to Mr. Reilly and asked if he would consider allowing the Leitrim-Roscommon Site the privilege of making his article available to the rest of the research community.

I would like to thank both Mr. Reilly and the Editors of The Irish At Home and Abroad, for granting us that privilege.

I have reproduced the article in both Microsoft Word and PDF format (Note: The PDF format requires Adobe Acrobat reader in order to view the file.) Both versions are just slightly larger than 1 megabyte in file size. Consider this when you click on the links below, as they will take a relatively long period of time to download through a normal telephone modem connect. However the download time is well worth the wait for the information that will be gained from the article. It is possible that if you have acrobat reader installed on your computer, it may open up in your browser window and permit you to start viewing the PDF document as it is downloading. If you do not want the document to open your web browser, then right click on the document below and select "Save Link As" from the menu.

PDF Version
MS Word Version

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