Map for the Civil Parish of Ardcarn
In County Roscommon
Showing Townland Locations

The following list of Townlands are indexed by number
as shown in the map above.

1Aghoo18Clegna35Derreenadouglas    52Drumsillagh69Leiterra
3Ardcarn20Cloonnaghbaun37Derreenanarry54Farranagalltagh East71Lismulkeare
4Ardcondra21Clooncruffer38Derreenannagh55Farranagalltagh West72Lyonstown
6Ardglass23Cloonybrien40Derreenasalt57Glebe74Oakport Demesne    
8Ballyformoyle25Cornagrea42Derreenatawy59Grevisk76Reycrofts Park
11Blackfallow28Cortrasna45Derrycashel62Knockacullen or Hollymount    79Tullyval
13Bridgecartron or Derrycashel    30Crossna47Derryherk64Knockaduff81Woodfield
16Church Hill33Dergraw50Drumbrick67Knockroe  
17Cleen34Derreenacoosan    51Drumcormick68Knockvicar  

NOTICE: This map is based on a series of maps available through the LDS FHC. Some inconsistencies have been noted between this series of maps and the Alphabetical Index of Towns and Townlands used for the 1851 census. Some of these inconsistencies are associated with the spelling of various Townlands, while others inconsistencies are associated with the addition or absence of Townlands referenced in the Alphabetical Index.
As a user of these maps, if you should observe any inconsistencies, please take the time to send an email to Ed Finn, and detail your observation. Every effort will be made to make the maps as accurate as possible.

This map is a joint Leitrim-Roscommon/Rootsweb project
Special thanks to David Falion and William Gately for their assistance in making this map available to the researchers at the Leitrim-Roscommon site

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