Townland boundaries
in Catholic Parish of Athleague
[Historical name: Athleague and Fuerty]
County Roscommon
Last updated on May 20, 2003

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The following list of Townlands are indexed by number as shown in the map above.

1Aghagad25Coollusty49Keenagh (Donnellan West)
3Aghrane or Castlekelly (Co. Galway)   27Cooly51Knockadangan
4Araghty28Corderryhugh52Knockaunarainy (Co. Galway)
5Athleague29Corra Beg53Liscoffy (Kelly)
6Attifarry (Co. Galway)30Correal54Liscoffy (Madden)
7Ballaghdacker (Co. Galway)31Creemully and Aghagad Beg55Lisnagirra
8Ballinlig32Curraghbagia (Co. Galway)56Lisnagroagh
10Bellanacarrow34Easterfield or Cornacask (Co. Galway)   58Lisnasillagh
14Carrowstellan38Garreer (Co. Galway)62Mallyree (Co. Galway)
15Castlecoote39Glebe63Monasternalea or Abbeygray (Co. Galway)  
17Clooncannon (Co. Galway)41Glennanammer65Muff
19Cloonruff (Co. Galway)43Gorteencloogh or Corra More67Rookwood or Bellagad (Co. Galway)
20Cloonykelly44Gorteenruckaun (Co. Galway)68Scardaun
21Cloonyourish45Gortmore69Srahaunnagort or Thornfield (Co. Galway)
22Cloonyquin46Holygrove (Co. Galway)70Toberavaddy
23Coalpits (Co. Galway)47Keenagh (Clanrickard)71Toberkeagh
24Coolaspaddaun (Co. Galway)48Keenagh (Donnellan East)72Tromaun

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