Townland boundaries
in Catholic Parish of Ballintubber
[Historical name: Ballintober and Ballymoe]
County Roscommon
Last updated on January 10, 1998

This is pretty useless without graphics

The following list of Townlands are indexed by number as shown in the map above.

1Ardnamullagh   12Cleaboy23Fognanagh More34Lecarrow
2Ashpark13Cloonadarragh East   24Frenchlawn35Rathcarran
5Bellacagher16Corrastoona Beg27Kennyborough38Rosheen
6Bohagh17Corrastoona More28Killerr39Shankoagh
7Brackloon18Drumatemple29Knockalaghta (Sanford)   40Timanagh
8Caran19Dundermot30Knockalaghta (Wills)41Toberkeagh
9Carrowbaun20Emlaghglasny31Laragh and Ross42Tobermakee
11Cartron22Fognanagh Beg33Leamore  

Special thanks to Michael Murphy for his assistance in making this map available to the researchers at the Leitrim-Roscommon site

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