Map for the Civil Parish of Oughteragh
In County Leitrim
Showing Townland Locations

The following list of Townlands are indexed by number
as shown in the map above.

3Aghatawny Lower29Corrabeegher54Drumraine Glege79Lissacarn
4Aghatawny Upper30Corrachole55Fohera80Longstones
5Aghlin31Corramartin56Glennan Beg81Mayo
6Aghoo East32Creevy57Glennan More82Miskaun Glebe
7Aghoo West33Cromlin58Greaghglass83Moher
8Aghyowla34Curraghashillaun59 Greaghrevagh Beg84 Mulnasillagh
9Altakeeran35Curraghnabania60Greaghrevagh More Glebe  85Mulnavannoge
11Ardrum37Dernahelty Beg62Kildorragh87Pottore
12Ballynameeltoge38Dernahelty More63Killadough88Prabagh
14Bolganard40Derrinkeher (Brady)65Killaneen90Stradermot
15Callowhill41Derrinkeher (McDonnel)   66Kilnamaddyroe91Stralongford
16Camagh42Derrinkeher (Raycroft)67Kilrush92Tomloskan
18Castlerogy44Dromore69Kiltycreevagh94Tullylackan Beg
19Cleenaghoo45Drumany70Kiltygerry95Tullylackan More  
22Cloverhill or Corglass   48Drumcroman73Kiltynashinnagh98Unshinagh
23Corgar49Drumdartan Glebe74Knockacullion  
* There was one townland outlined on the above map that was not identified and is shown as a ? in the map

NOTICE: This map is based on a series of maps available through the LDS FHC. Some inconsistencies have been noted between this series of maps and the Alphabetical Index of Towns and Townlands used for the 1851 census. Some of these inconsistencies are associated with the spelling of various Townlands, while others inconsistencies are associated with the addition or absence of Townlands referenced in the Alphabetical Index.
As a user of these maps, if you should observe any inconsistencies, please take the time to send an email to Ed Finn, and detail your observation. Every effort will be made to make the maps as accurate as possible.

Special thanks to Tom Dyer for his assistance in making this map available to the researchers at the Leitrim-Roscommon site

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