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Reunion in Ireland in August 2012

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Joined: 14 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2011 7:37 am    Post subject: Reunion in Ireland in August 2012 Reply with quote

Reunion in Ireland in August 2012
Adapted from The Bonfire, newsletter of the Ballykilcline Society
The Ballykilcline Society will return to Ireland next August for Reunion 2012. It will be the first such gathering there since 2005. The History Department of the National University of Ireland at Maynooth in Kildare, not far from Dublin, will collaborate to host the first day of the August 14-16 Reunion before the event moves on to Roscommon for two more days of activities.
Non-members are welcome to attend the Reunion too.
Speakers will include Dr. Ciarán Reilly, a post-doctoral fellow at Maynooth who is the history department’s liaison with the new estate archive at Castletown House where the Mahon estate records of the Famine Museum are being catalogued and Reilly is studying them. Dr. Reilly expects to line up one or two additional speakers about the famine as well for the opening day’s morning session. That afternoon, participants will reconvene at Castletown House, one of the premier examples of an Irish country home which has recently become the home of an archive of former Irish estates. Attendees may view certain Mahon estate records.
On Day 2, participants will gather in Strokestown, home of the Mahon manor house and of the County Roscommon Heritage Center. Participants will share meals and research progress and problems and hear a talk by local historian Michael Lennon, who is knowledgeable about local families and famine-era events. Lennon is known to many here for his postings on this bulletin board, for his work on Strokestown area people who went to West Virginia, and as editor recently of the yearbook called Roscommon Life.
Prize-winning Longford poet Kieran Furey, a native of Roscommon, also has agreed to talk about his poetry of local history and genealogy. His new book is titled Tales from Roscommon.
The Society also has requested Famine Museum founder James Callery or his representative to discuss the museum’s progress and any new plans for the future. The museum has begun a series of famine conferences, for instance, and has the recent new connection with Castletown House.
Organizers also will try to include visits to St. Barry’s cemetery near Roosky; the GAA athletic fields, recently upgraded by the Kellogg’s Field of Dreams contest, in which Kilglass’ entry came in first with voting help from some of our members, and to Sarah Palin’s ancestor’s home near the field. The Society had found her roots in Knockhall in Kilglass Parish.
As in the past, the Reunion fee – still to be set – will cover two meals, printed material as necessary, and speakers. Attendees make their own travel and housing arrangements. A number of B&Bs exist in the Strokestown-Kilglass area and may be found through the internet.
Additional details about Reunion plans will be announced on the Ballykilcline list-serv, in the next newsletter of the society, and on this bulletin board as they become available.
Registration will begin about Feb. 15 and the Reunion hinges on a sufficient number of registrants to cover the Society’s Reunion costs.
Lynne Sisk
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Joined: 27 Nov 2007
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Siskabob,

Please do post more information on this Reunion -- although not precisely of the area I am and have been researching the famine era, and the impact on Families in NW Ireland (Particularly South Sligo areas of Kilmactiege, Tourlestrane, Tubbercurry, Mt. Taffee and the entire Ox Mountains area) is my area of research so I would certainly be interested in attending and perhaps joining your group as I tend to, and want to, research every aspect possible.

I am finding records of 1860-1890 particularly hard to find online. Perhaps my list of things to do could be partially answered as I know records exist from 1860-1900, and the books, especially the "cancelled" books from Griffiths is something I have been interested in researching from the above areas, but again, finding them online and FREE is dificult and the maps of these areas, linked to the needed information from County Geneology sites is next to impossible to find -- and I h\have started some coding of my website


to access these hard to find sites, but the SQL and the Databases of these records is work intensive - something I do not have time to key in each record, so I am having to find next generation, or web 3.0, systems.

Anyway, PLEASE continue to post information on the 2012 reunion as I think we could, if it is your goal, to bring a LARGE contingent of people to the event -- which certainly would be good for the area being more euros would be spent, and the families doing research could likewise get some answers to long asked questions as you know quite a large contingent of the Irish Diaspora is seeking information on their ancestors who came from these, and other, areas --

Please continue this thread and everyone should check the box to be notified if a reply is posted -- I have -- and look forward to coming to your event in August, 2012, perhaps with Hundreds of others (if you want, and continue to post information, brochures, literature -- and perhaps line up some knowledgeable speakers -- as that is more important than names or name recognition -- as I believe in bringing forth the next generation of researchers with the help of those doing it for years leading up to now (which I hope you agree) !

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Joined: 14 Jan 2005
Posts: 38

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 10:41 am    Post subject: Reunion in Ireland in August 2012 Reply with quote

Hello, Murph,

We are glad to hear of your interest in both joining the Ballykilcline Society and attending our Reunion. We will post again soon with more details on arrangements for the Reunion and notify you when the registration period begins. We initially posted here because anyone interested may attend our Reunion; it is not for members only.

This will be our first Reunion in Ireland in several years due to economic circumstances. It promises to be especially interesting because we are partnering with the history department at NUI Maynooth and will be able to visit the new estate archives at Castletown House where the Mahon estate records are being preserved. We look forward to hearing from speakers Dr. Ciaran Reilly who works on that estate records project and from Michael Lennon, a Kilglass-area local historian who sometimes posts to this board.

You can find out how to join the Society, Murph, on our web site at www.ballykilcline.com. A form is posted under the Bulletin Board section of the site. We expect to provide more details of the Reunion and how to register for it by the end of February. Note that we need about 25 participants to make the event economically feasible so the Reunion will not certainly happen until that number is reached during the registration period.

Best Wishes,
Mary Lee Dunn for the Ballykilcline Society
Lynne Sisk
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