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The Surname Data Base was last updated
on March 24, 2003

* * * SPECIAL NOTICE * * *

This surname database will continue to remain online for some time for the purpose of viewing by the research community, however it will no longer be updated and manintained as far as the researcher email addresses are concerned.

The functionality that this database provided has been moved to the Leitrim Roscommon Bulletin Board and is now a separate forum that will be maintained strictly for surname data in the same form that was used here in the old surname list.

You must register on the Leitrim-Roscommon Bulletin Board in order to post to the new surname database. You must maintain a functional email address in order to remain activated anywhere in the Bulletin Board environment.

Once you register on the Bulletin Board, you will have access to your personal profile where you can update your email at any time in the future should it change. Additionally, you can enter a URL for any GENEALOGY RELATED web page that you may maintain. If you change your email address, the system will automatically link your new email address to all of your old postings for both your bulletin board posts as well as your surname entries.

Your email address will no longer be viewable to anyone who should be reading the pages in the bulletin board environment. There will only be a EMAIL ICON that is located next to your posts that will activate a site email application for researchers to contact you. Your email address will not be displayed in this email message form, only your username will display in the "TO:" address line.

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